How to Pump Water from Bath to Garden

How to Pump Water from Bath to Garden DIY

Are you thinking of reusing the bathwater? As a responsible human being, it is natural to be concerned. After all, households consume around 8% of global water per year. So, how to pump water from bath to garden?

First, store the bathwater in the bathtub. Next, get a submersible fountain pump. Connect one end of the long drip system tube with the pump, and submerge the pump into the bathtub. As everything is set, just turn on the pump and start watering your plants.

However, that’s just a summary of what you have to do. In detail, we’ll share a step-by-step procedure for using bathwater to water plants. Let’s get to it.

Why Should You Reuse The Bath Water?

You already know that gardening requires a large quantity of water. Many gardeners use pure drinking water to water their gardens. It leads to overconsumption as we already waste gallons of water in our washrooms.

Now you may think of planting plants that don’t require much water. Well, it’s a good but indeed a short-term solution. Instead of using pure water in gardening, we’d recommend you use them for cooking or drinking.

So what water will you use for gardening? Reusing household water and watering the lawn with bathwater is a great idea. By conserving water, you’ll reduce the water/utility bills drastically and save the environment.

What to Consider Before Using Bath Water On Plants?

Before pumping water from the bath to the garden, here are some basics you must know. 

Understand the Type of Water

The bathroom is where we use thousands of gallons of water in our entire household. However, you can’t reuse the whole bathroom water. Bathroom water is classified into – grey water and black water.

Grey water is generally safe and suitable for many activities like watering the garden, washing the car, etc. If you require it, just install a purification plan on your plumbing system and get rid of impurities.

On the other hand, black water isn’t recyclable. They contain multiple pathogens, and we have to let them go into the drain. Generally, they’re produced from the toilets.

Beware of the Product Used in the Bath

Before using bathwater to water plants, you should be aware of the product you use in the shower. The bathwater/kitchen water is classified into – soapy and non-soapy water.

Non-soapy water can be directly pumped to water the garden. Soapy water contains a large scale of sodium and phosphorus and may require some treatment.

If you’re up for reusing the bathwater, it’d be best to move to plant-based recyclable soaps, shampoos, and detergents.

How to Pump Water From Bath To Garden?

First, let’s get the necessary tools to pump bath water into the garden.

ToolsFeaturesRound up Cost
Fountain PumpIt should have a capacity of pumping 92 to 93 gallons (ca. 352 l) minimally.$10
Dripping TubeA ½-inch, 100-foot roll.$10

Step 1: Store the Bathwater

We regularly use gallons of water in the shower & let them go into the drain. To reuse the shower water, first store the grey water in the tub.

Step 2: Get a Pump and Drip Tube

Get a fountain pump or empty bathwater from any tool shop. The fountain pump of Harbour Freight is a good one. Its minimum capacity of pumping should be around 92 to 93 gallons (ca. 352 liters) of water per hour.

On the top of the pump, it features an opening to get the water out. Get a dripping tube from Home Depot to fit the pump’s opening. The drip irrigation tubing system of DIG is also a pretty good fit.

Step 3: Connect the Tube with the Pump and Set It Up

Now plug the dripping irrigation tube into the pump and submerge the pump in the bathwater. Let the pump sit perfectly on its section feet at the tub’s bottom.

Step 4: Drag the Tube to the Garden

Now drag the other end of the tube outside through a door or a window. Be sure to keep your kids and pets away from the setup to avoid unnecessary mess.

Step 5: Turn On the Pump

Lastly, turn on the pump and check on your garden. You’ll notice the dripping pipe dragging bathwater into the garden within just 10 seconds.

Video of Pumping Water from Bath to Garden

Here’s a video that explains how you can quickly transfer and reuse your bathwater in the garden.


Will bathwater hurt plants?

No grey bathwater won’t hurt plants if you are careful about the products you use. However, beware that – animals/pets shouldn’t consume grey water.

What plants grow in grey water?

There are many edible shrubs and vines like kiwi, blackberries, gooseberries, thimbleberries, and filberts that can easily survive in grey water.

Will bathwater kill grass?

No, soapy bathwater/laundry water is safe for most plants and grass as long as you use plant-based soaps and detergents. So, if you wish to reuse the grey water for gardening, move to products that contain low sodium and phosphorus. You can also invest in a purification plant-like ‘Aqua use grey water system’, which will clear out the impurities through a 4-stage system.

Final Words

How to pump water from bath to garden? — We believe we have cleared up your doubts by now. Just get a fountain pump and a dripping irrigation tube. After setting up the system, it will only require 10 to 15 seconds to pump bathwater into the garden.

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