How to Block Neighbor’s Pool Pump Noise

How to Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise?

The worse thing than having noisy neighbors is having neighbors with noisy pool pumps. That’s nerve-breaking, right? So, how to block neighbors pool pump noise?

Well, there are a few ways to stop the noise from disrupting your day. You can notify your neighbors and suggest some solutions to reduce the pool pump noise. Help them out with repair, replacement, or even come up with something better.

Now, blocking neighbor’s pool pump noise might not be easy if not politely asked or discussed to reduce the noise pollution. So, keep reading to the end.

Why Is Neighbors Pool Filter Pump So Noisy?

Your neighbor’s pool pump can be very near your property. It can cause you to hear the sound louder than expected.

If the pool water level is low, it might lead to having a dried-out pump. For this, the pump takes in more air and exerts pressure on the pump. So the noise gets quite loud.

The bearings in the pool filter pump keep the friction in between the shaft spins away. Damaged bearings due to long-term use of the motor can create big noises.

Besides these common issues, loosened bolts and wooden platforms that continuously hit the surface while turning the pump on can cause your neighbor to have a noisy pool pump.

How to Block Neighbors Pool Pump Noise?

Well, there are quite a few nice methods you can try out. It’ll depend on how you are dealing with your neighbor. Here’s what you can do at the beginning.

Reach Out To Your Neighbor

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Now, this is easy and tricky. You don’t want them to feel overwhelmed with your approach. Create a space where you can openly address your concerns regarding the pool pump noise.

If you aren’t familiar with them, find a mutual neighbor or some acquaintance to help you connect to them.

Plus, there’s always the old trick in the book. You can make your best dish and go over to your neighbors. That’ll be a great icebreaker and help you initiate the conversation.

Before reaching out, you can do some online research about reducing the pool pump noise. If you have your own setup, you can compare the pool pump amperage and the kind of model used for the pumping. 

Moreover, you can offer financial help, logistics help, or even find a pool pump repair place to ease the process.

A token of reminder is don’t complain directly to the neighbors or go straight up complaining to the authority foreseeing such issues before reaching out to your neighbor.

Leave A Note Or Letter

If you aren’t really on good terms with your neighbor, this can be your way to deliver the message.

You can leave a well-written note in a friendly manner offering help and request them to do something about the noise issue and how it’s affecting your daily life.

How To Fix Your Neighbors Noisy Pool Pumps?

There are a few solutions that are readily available to deal with noisy pumps. Once you know them, you can help your neighbor to solve the sound trouble.

Here are a few ways to block neighbors’ pool pump noise.

1. Noise Proof Pool Equipment Housing

Acoustic Panels Soundproof Studio Foam

A very promising option is to install a noise-proof pool equipment housing. This insulation will not only reduce the noise from the pool pump but also keep the pool equipment protected.

It’s a bit expensive. Now, for your good or out of generosity, you can offer to share the cost with your neighbor to install the noise-proof system.

If there’s an issue with the cost of implementing this option, there’s a cost-effective alternative. You can suggest to your neighbor to use acoustic insulation. This can be used to line the walls of pool equipment for insulation to block the pool pump noise. If this addition seems expensive, there is and home remedy for it. Instead of using acoustic insulation, old and unused carpets can be used to make the insulation linings around the equipment.

Help your neighbor out in the installation process if you’ve got the time and have a pool party afterward.

2. Repair the Faulty Pool Pump

Well, sometimes the noise is a result of a faulty pump. It might need repairing or even replacing.

The reasons for a faulty pump exerting loud noises could be:

  • The pump filter might be damaged and needs to be changed
  • You can ask your neighbor to check if the pool pump parts are bolted strongly.
  • Your neighbor’s pump motor might exert too much pressure and create massive vibration. This can be reduced by installing vibration pads.
  • The pool pump might be running dry. It can be damaged if it’s being used for a long period. Increasing the water level would help in such cases.

In any of the cases, you can offer help and politely ask your neighbor to cooperate in reducing the pool pump noise.

3. Setting Up A Soundproof Fence

If you are too shy to reach out and see the neighbor can’t do much about the noise pollution, there’s one way to block your neighbor’s pool pump noise.

We’re talking about cases where their pool pump housing is way too near your house. In such scenarios, you can plan on putting up soundproof fences around your property.

However, you need to see if these are allowed, so we suggest you cross-check with your real estate agent and read about the community standards.

We agree this is quite an over-the-top solution, to install such fences, hire a contractor, and spend quite some money to block neighbor’s pool pump noises; but if all else fails, this is the way to go. 

The Legal Way You Can Rely On – The Last Resort

Now, this is the last option. In case your neighbors don’t allow you to help or be open to discussions, you can take legal action against them.

At first, you’ll need to get familiar with the zoning laws of your area. Next, you need proof that the noise is creating a nuisance.

To start with the legal procedure, you’ll need to file a nuisance suit. With proper evidence, a judge will approve the case, and legal actions will be taken accordingly.

Depending on your zone laws, your neighbors will be formally addressed about the issue. They’ll be asked to take immediate action or may even have to pay a penalty if they fail to act on it.

Easy Ways To Make a Loud Pool Pump Quieter!


What causes pool pumps to be noisy?

Pool pumps can be noisy due to dry pumps, faulty bearings, excessive vibration, and damaged motors.

Can you soundproof pool equipment?

Yes, it’s possible to create insulation patches around them.

What is the acceptable pump filter decibel range?

65-90 decibels is an acceptable range for a pump filter. This range will make a low humming noise while the pump is on.

Are loud pool pump noises normal?

No, it’s supposed to make a normal humming sound. If there is an over-the-top loud noise, you need to get it checked for repair or replacement.


Well, that was all regarding how to block the neighbor’s pool pump noise. Don’t fret anymore.

You can always extend your helping hand to solve this loud issue with your neighbor.

Here’s to hoping you find the best options that are not heavy on the shoulders or pockets for you or your neighbor.

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