Furnace Condensate Drain to Sump Pump – Is It Safe

Furnace Condensate Drain to Sump Pump – Is It Safe?

If you have an air handler or any kind of furnace appliance, a question may arise in your mind. That is, “can I furnace condensate drain to sump pump?”

Well, truly, you shouldn’t do it. Furnace appliances produce heat mainly for your home. And in doing so, there are chemical reactions that take place inside the chamber. The outcome of the process is water.

But actually, it isn’t pure water. There are different substances mixed which can harm your sump pump if you use it to drain.

Let’s take a deeper look at why it creates issues and whether should you continue doing it or not.

Does Condensate Draining To the Sump Pump Cause Any Problem?

Furnaces create heat as the main purpose and produce water as by-product. But the water is not general. There are different chemicals involved. These chemicals are strong enough to eat up the draining line of a sump pump.

The gas combustion which means the fluid that comes out from the furnace is caustic. The heat that furnaces produce occurs from a reaction between natural gas, propane, and oxygen.

Inside the furnace, it burns Methane (CH4) OR Propane (C348) and Oxygen (O2). The chemistry produces water (H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2). If you understand this, it may not seem like a hazard.

But, when the process happens, the hot flame of the furnace absorbs the Nitrogen from the atmosphere. And the sucked-in Nitrogen is strong enough to react with the Oxygen.

As a result, Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Nitrous Oxide (NO) are created, mixing in the water vapor and making a dilute solution of Nitric Acid.

This Nitric Acid is a harmful element that is strong enough to damage your sump pump. As sump pumps are not designed or chemically improvised to withstand the strength of the condensate.

What Role Can A Neutralizer Play In Condensate Drain To Sump Pump?

Furnace condensates are generally suggested to drain through a condensate pump. But if you’re using a sump pump, you can use a neutralizer.

A neutralizer mainly eradicates the acidity to a milder level so that it can’t be too harmful to you. The composition of a neutralizer is mainly minerals which is Limestone (Calcium Carbonate) most of the time.

The acid-resistant plastic tube neutralizer reacts with the nitrate and does the work to keep your sump pump appliances safe. Plus, the condensate is less harmful when mixed with the town sewers.

Video of Furnace Condensate Drain to Sump Pump

Here’s a video that might help you understand better about furnace condensate drain and sump pump


Can the furnace condensate drain to the sump pump?

Furnace Condensate can drain to the sump pump when a Neutralizer is used. Unless the sump pump won’t be able to work for your expected time if you continue using it for condensate draining.

Where do you drain the condensate on a furnace?

Generally, there is a large drain pan in every furnace item for draining the condensate. You can use the drainage line directly outside your house if you want.

Where should a condensate pump drain to?

A condensate pump should drain to the floor drain, town sewer, or through the laundry sink. You can go for any of these. But make sure you use a neutralizer before you do it.


Hope that by now you got the idea about furnace condensate drain to sump pump very well. If you’re still doubtful about what you should do, we suggest you use a neutralizer and use the general methods of draining.

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