Pros And Cons Of Constant Pressure Well Pumps Is It A Right Choice

Pros And Cons Of Constant Pressure Well Pump: Is It A Right Choice?

Can you find a sector where we aren’t using technology nowadays? Probably not. Technology has become a part of our everyday life. And it’s updating continuously. That’s why people choose constant pressure pumps over traditional ones.

But what makes it better than a standard pump? What are the pros and cons of constant pressure well pumps?  

If you are planning to buy a well-constant pressure system, you should know the details. After all, it’s not a low-cost product that you can throw away if it doesn’t meet your requirement. Let’s learn more about this.

A Quick Sneak Peek at the Pros And Cons of Constant Pressure Well Pumps

For the ones who lack the time and patience to go through the whole article, here’s a quick sneak peek of the advantage and disadvantages of constant pressure well pumps. But we suggest you read the full article to get a complete idea regarding the pump.

Continuous water supplySmall water tanks
Regulator to control the motor speedNeed professional help with installation
Constant pressure with zero chances to dropExpensive
It saves energy and waterIt can’t work in a blackout
Less maintenance needed 
Self-diagnostic system to detect a leak 

What Makes Constant Pressure Pump Better Than Traditional Pumps?

Constant Pressure Well Pumps

Why should you choose constant pumps over traditional ones that have been around for decades? How are they any different from the regular pumps?

Questions like that aren’t uncommon to circulate in the head. No one would like to spend thousands of dollars on something without knowing its advantages fully. Let’s check out the pros of constant-pressure well pumps.

1. Uninterrupted Water Supply

Isn’t it irritating when the water suddenly cuts off when you’re in the middle of doing something? With a constant pressure system, this change is almost non-existent. The pump system has an in-built regulator. It can detect when you increase or decrease water usage.

When you’re using more water, it’ll raise the motor’s working speed (RPM). And similarly, when you slow down, it will also decrease the rate of pumping water into the system. So you’ll constantly have water without losing pressure.

2. Saves Electricity And Water

As the regulator makes the motor work according to the water used, it prevents excess water from pumping when you’re not using it. And thus, it saves water from overflowing and being wasted.

Also, constant-pressure well pumps save electricity by slowing down water pumping. It surely knows how to keep your electricity bill in control.

3. Constant Pressure

As mentioned earlier, constant-pressure pumps can detect your water usage. If you use more water, it’ll simply increase the motor’s working rate. This maintains a steady water pressure no matter how heavy the usage is.

4. Less Space Consuming

Constant pressure well pumps tend to have smaller tanks. That’s why they don’t need larger areas to be installed. However, professional help is always needed for the installation of the system.

5. Leak Detection

With a self-diagnostic system to detect problems, constant pressure pumps can detect if there is any leak in the system. It’ll immediately let you know in such cases and prevent unwanted raises in the electricity bill.

6. Maintenance

Unlike traditional water pumps, constant well pumps don’t need much maintenance. You just need to check up on the parts once in a while. If taken care of properly, a constant pressure well pump can last many years.

Cons Of Constant Pressure Well Pump

what is a constant pressure well pump

There’s no machine or technology invented yet that doesn’t have some drawbacks. Constant pressure well pumps are no different. They also have their own set of problems. Let’s check out the problems so you have a complete idea about the system.

Electricity Dependence

The major drawback of constant pressure pumps runs on electricity. They need a continuous power supply to remain active. So, in case of a blackout, the whole system will collapse.

However, nowadays, upgraded pressure well pumps have the function of being connected with a backup generator. So if you have a backup generator, combine it with the pump system for nonstop water supply even in a blackout.


You simply can’t install a constant pressure well pump on your own. It’s a complex process that can be handled by professionals only. So if you’re buying a constant pressure pump, make sure to hire professionals for installation too.

Smaller Tanks

The reason why the whole constant pressure pump system doesn’t require much space is the smaller water tanks. As they’re small, they can’t store much water at a time.

So in case of load shedding, you are more likely to have bounded rationality with limited water.


Constant pressure well pumps are way more expensive than traditional ones. But the services they provide make them worthy. Depending on the models, the cost for setting up a constant pressure pump is between $2000 to $5000.

Is A Well Constant Pressure System Suitable For Your Home?

If you have a large family with many members, there’s no doubt that there will be massive water usage. When multiple gadgets are running, like shower, kitchen taps, etc., at the same time, water pressure will gradually fall.

With the constant pressure well pumps, the chances of this situation occurring are almost zero. As the regulator in the system sets the water pumping speed according to your usage, it will ensure an uninterrupted water supply every time.

Video of Pros & Cons of Constant Well Pressure Pumps

In detail, here’s a video highlighting the pros and cons of a constant pressure pump.


How much does it cost to install a constant pressure pump?

The cost varies from model to model and the professional team you are hiring. But the standard cost should be somewhat between $2000 to $5000.

How long does a constant pressure well pump last?

It depends on how frequently you use the system. A constant pressure system can last for 8 to 15 years with moderate use and proper maintenance.

Is a constant pressure system worth the cost?

A constant pressure well pump is ideal if you need to maintain a large household/ farm with a continuous water supply. And it’s worth every single dollar you spend on it.

Can I convert my traditional well pump into a constant-pressure well pump?

In a few cases, it’s possible. You need to modify some parts of your standard well system, for example, the pressure switch. However, your motor must be compatible with the other components of the constant system. So, it’s best to upgrade the whole system at once.

Final Thoughts

Can you imagine your house running smoothly without water? No, right? You need a pump system that will ensure a continuous water supply. A constant pressure system is an excellent choice for that. You will not run out of water no matter how excessive the use is.

After knowing the pros and cons of constant pressure well pumps, what do you think? Is it ideal for your home? Hopefully, you can now make a choice quickly.

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