Can You Pee in A Sump Pump (The Fun Fact isn’t Real)

Can You Pee in A Sump Pump? (The Fun Fact isn’t Real)

Can you pee in a sump pump? Well, we’re not the biggest fan of a person peeing in a sump pump. But, when that bladder hits you hard, a place to lay off your urine in a sump pit is perfectly reasonable.

Did you ever consider the consequences of peeing in a sump pit? You should think about the smell that it’s going to give if the pump doesn’t flash out the reserved water regularly.

With that being said, check out this article to find out the level of feasibility of peeing in a sump pump.

Can You Pee in A Sump Pump?

First of all, one should have a clear idea about the sump pump and what does it do? An electrical sump pump is a fancy name for the submersible pump that pumps the flood water out of your house.

The pumped water is stored in a reservoir known as a sump pit. When there’s a flood in your basement, the water can be stored in the sump pit. If the water level in the sump pit exceeds the maximum height, the submersible pump can pump the water outside through the PVC pipe.

Now the question is, is it bad to pee in the sump pump? As we said earlier, if the stored water in the sump pit is flown through regularly, the urine will flow away and reduce the chance of a pungent smell in your basement.

Still, some other factors are to consider, which are explained briefly in our next section.

Consequences of Urinating in A Sump Pump

So, let’s consider that you really can pee in a sump pump. But, you must think about the consequences and that’s why we have listed some for you for your better understanding of such situations.

  • Daily urination in a sump pump may affect the lifespan of the pump, and you don’t want your pump to last less than you expected. For example, animal urine, such as pet cats, contains many bacteria that, if released in a sump pit, will decompose.
  • As a result, it’ll make the pipeline of the sump pump less resistant to corrosion which will cause the iron in the water to oxidize. Pretty soon, you’ll notice that your sump pump smells like cat pee, and trust me, you don’t want that kind of smell in your basement.
  • Furthermore, urinating in a sump pump will also trigger the growth of worms in your sump pit, which will create an unbearable living situation.

Therefore, what are the necessary steps that should be taken to avoid such a disaster?

  • First of all, it’s common practice that you’ll have a pet cat or dog that has the habit of peeing in your sump pump. Therefore, you can train your pets so that they can pee at a specific place.
  • Make sure to maintain the flow of water in your sump pump so that the urine is flown away from the sump. One other step you can take is using bleaching powder to regularly wash the places surrounding your sump pump or the sump pit.

Truth be told, peeing in a sump pump is a filthy habit to consider, and it’s your job to make sure that your sump pump and the pit can last for a very long time.


Can we connect a sump pump to the toilet?

Yes, a sump pump is connected through the piping of the toilet. A sump tank breaks down all the waste and transfers it to the sewer line, which is pumped using a sump pump.

Can we flow muddy water using a sump pump?

A sump pump can also be operated to pump muddy water, but the flow rate mainly depends on the concentration of the mud. The greater the concentration, the lower the flow rate will be.

Can we flow waste material using a sump pump?

A sump pump cannot be used to flow waste material such as toilet paper or other packaging stuff that we throw in the sewer line. Normally, this Non-biodegradable stuff will create a blockage in the sump pump line, and you’ll need to call a plumber to fix the problem.


Peeing in a sump pump isn’t healthy and influences the growth of bacteria, algae, and worms. But, certain precautions like training your pet animals, cleaning the sump pit regularly, and bleaching the whole place might rise to a solution.

So, can you pee in a sump pump? Yes! But we won’t recommend such an unhygienic situation at all. After reading this article, we hope you can solve your smelly sump pit problems.

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