Why Sump Pump Spraying Water - Possible Reasons & Solution

Why Sump Pump Spraying Water? – Possible Reasons & Solution

Are you wondering why your sump pump is spraying water? It might be because of a malfunctioning check valve, loose or damaged piping, or several other reasons.

Sump Pumps are installed to drain water out of your basement to keep your household dry when there’s a flood. But the whole purpose of the installation misfires when it starts to spray water.

So, without more delay, let’s check out the most common reasons for the issue and find possible fixes to it.

Reasons and Solutions for Sump Pump Spraying Water

Here are the six frequent reasons for spraying water and the solutions.

Broken Or Loose Check Valve SealTighten or replace the check valve
Electric IssuesSeek specialist help
Malfunctioning Check ValveReplace faulty check valve
Holes In PipingReplace damaged pipes
Excessive Water Than CapacityGet a bigger sump pump
Faulty Weep holeRelocate weep hole
Reasons and Solutions for Sump Pump Spraying Water

1. Broken Or Loose Check Valve Seal

A broken or loose check valve seal is one of the most common reasons for the sump pump spraying water outside.

If you can see water coming from the space where the valves and pipes are adjoined, it may be because of a loose or broken connection.


See if the check valve is connected loosely with the pipe. If so, tighten it using a wrench. Or, if the connection is broken, replace the damaged part or seek professional help.

2. Electric Issues

Electric issues are a more critical kind of problem in sump pumps. Mostly it happens because of a faulty installation or electric connection.

This problem can be as simple as a loose connection or a more hard wiring issue. But it’ll cost your sump pump to run at much lower power than it can serve.

It’s suggested to get the sump pump checked by professionals in this issue.


Do not try to make a DIY solution to these electric issues in your sump pump. Instead, ask an electrician or a sump pump specialist to look at it sincerely.

3. Malfunctioning Check Valve

A check valve in a sump pump prevents the back flow of water in your basement after being pumped. Unfortunately, when the check valve is malfunctioning or faulty, it can’t do its job and sprays pumped water.


Once you suspect extra moisture in your basement and the spraying water is coming from the location where the check valve is connected, inspect it carefully.

If you find no leakage but still the water is coming out, replace the malfunctioning check valve with the help of a professional.

4. Holes In Piping

Your sump pump is connected to the main pump with several pipelines. When one of them gets a hole in it, water may spray out. Plus, the suction of the pump will fluctuate.


You can’t fix a holed pipe. To operate the sump pump properly, you must replace the damaged pipe with a new one.

5. Excessive Water Than Capacity

If you have a large basement that clogs plenty of water in the season and your sump pump is small, you may face this issue.

You need a larger sump pump to pump a lot of water. When the pump is small it can’t take the load of the huge work. As a result, it fails to perform at its best.

Besides, the extra pressure created in the sump pump damages it internally, and you get water spraying out of the pump.


Getting a bigger sump pump is the only solution to it. You can consider WAYNE 1HP Cast Iron and Stainless Steel sump pump in this case.

6. Faulty Weep hole

When your sump pump is running, air pressure is generated between the sump pump discharge and check valve. So, a weep hole/release hole is there to give the air a passage to escape out.

If the weep hole is situated in the wrong place, the air can’t pass, creating a problem. Next, get back the flowing water out of the pump.


Check the weephole location and relocate it correctly.

How to Fix a Leaky Sump Pump Pipe

Do you want a more clear idea about the sump pump spraying water out the side and the ways to solve it? For a better understanding, check out this video.


What are the signs of a sump pump failing?

Low power output, leakage and spraying water, and motor stalling are some signs of a sump pump failing. If you see any of the signs, get your sump pump checked soon.

Should my sump pump be spraying water?

Your sump pump shouldn’t be spraying water. If it is doing so, there must be some malfunction or damage that took place. You should give a thorough check to it and resolve the problem ASAP.

Why do you need a weephole for the sump pump?

A sump pump weep hole is an escape way for the sucked-in air that can create an airlock between the discharge ports and check valve. The purpose of this whole is to let the locked air be free. The process is highly necessary for the appropriate workflow of the pump. If there’s no weep hole, it’ll eventually make the pump fail at its work, spray water out, and will leave you with a flooded basement.


If you’re still here, hope you found your answer to why the sump pump is spraying water outside. Try the above ways to fix each problem. If you’re not sure you could do it on your own, ask a specialist to assist you.

You can save yourself from this hassle in the first place if you be more careful in the beginning. When you decide to get a sump pump, make sure you measure your basement and choose one according to it.

Next, do not try DIY installation if you’re not a professional at it. Ask professional installers to do it. It’ll cost you a couple of bucks but indeed will save you from future repair expenses.

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