How to Test a Sealed Sump Pump?

How to Test a Sealed Sump Pump? [7 Easy Step & Guide]

A sump pump is a machine that aids in the prevention of water damage to your properties. During a storm, this mechanism drains excess water from the foundation’s properties and transfers it away. In that situation, you should properly know how to test a sealed sump pump.

First, we’ll look over its performance. A sump pump’s performance ensures by regular testing and maintenance. Testing a sump pump takes simply a few minutes and requires no special abilities.

It’s advised that you verify your sump pump system every three months at the very least. The following seven steps will clear your understanding of how to check a sump pump.

How to Test a Sealed Sump Pump?7 Steps Guide

The sump pump can be tested in a few different ways. Always begin by reading the pump’s Instruction manual for particular checks! Let’s examine a few additional steps to check your sump pump without calling plumbers.

Step 1: Switch it on and off

  • Turning electric things on and off is the most fantastic way of testing them. 
  • In some cases, if the pump includes an integrated computer, resetting the power also can reset your CPU.
  • Now, just wait for a few seconds after re-energizing your pump to start pumping the water again. 
  • Make sure to turn off the pumps appropriately or risk destroying your circuits due to a significant surge!

Step 2: Start the Pump

  • This section will involve testing the pump by refilling the pit using water and afterward allowing it to operate.
  • Through the window, you’ll want to grab very few buckets or even a garden hose.
  • Now, fill your pump basin halfway with some water and turn on the pump.
  • When everything is operating correctly, the water may evaporate entirely within 5-10 minutes.
  • If you reside in a location with much more groundwater, we surely recommend conducting the testing twice as much time.

Step 3: Drainage Inspection

  • If your house drainage lines are clogged, then no amount of pumping can keep your basements dry.
  • Sump pump pits, including drainage lines, collect dirt, rocks, pebbles, and some other small debris, which must be cleaned out regularly.
  • Confirm that water is draining from the drainage pipe from the outside area of your home after directly adding water into your pump pit, as well as checking that the pump is appropriately draining water.
  • If nothing comes out, it’s necessary that your line needs to be cleaned professionally!

Step 4: Test your Alarm System

  • You can’t use an alarm unless it doesn’t work. Per quarter, check your clock alarm by pressing its test button.
  • If that’s a Wireless (WIFI) alarm;
  • double-check that that’s still accessed through the internet
  • and deliver warnings to your cell phone or mailbox.

Step 5: Analyze the Battery Backup

  • It is important to make sure that the battery is functional and fully charged, if;
  • each pump system includes a backup battery
  • you installed one yourself
  • Unplug a domestic power source and fill your basins with a couple of buckets of water to make sure everything is working properly.
  • If the pump begins to operate, your battery is functioning correctly.

Step 6: Eliminate Particles

  • Tiny pebbles or other unwanted material will accumulate in the pumping pit over time.
  • These fragments can cause significant harm to your pump, and also clog your drainage lines when they get underneath.
  • To avoid clogs and damage to the internal pump, remove these manually.

Step 7: Test for Corrosion

  • Always inspect metal parts regarding corrosion and rust when thinking about cleaning your pump since this indicates impending difficulties!

How to Test a Sump Pump – Checkup and Maintenance.

Final Words

Testing sealed sump pumps are more challenging than regular pumps because you can’t reach the entire basin. Your sump pump testing can still be done using a few buckets of water to operate the engine and simulate rising water, like a regular pump.

So, now you know how to test a sealed sump pump. If unfortunately, these techniques of sump pump testing don’t work, or you fail to do it, then we suggest you take it to the professional service center right now.

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